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Setup new OAuth consent screen

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to APIs & Services => OAuth consent screen
  3. Create a new one / new project if needed
  4. Create a new OAuth consent screen (internal):
  5. Fill out the fields. Make sure that the Authorized domains include ""
  6. The scope can be left do the default value

Create new OAuth credentials

  1. Navigate to credentials 
  2. Create a new "OAuth client ID" of type "Web application"
  3. Give it a name and add the following redirect-url to it:
  4. Note down your Client ID and Client Secret

Create the OIDC connection in the cockpit of the piplanning app

  • Issuer:
  • Client id: Should match the Client ID you noted down in the last step
  • Client secret should match the secret you noted down in the last step
  • Authentication: POST
  • Email claim: email

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