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In this use case article we will describe to you how your Touchscreen can support your team during Daily Standups or Daily Scrums.


1. start your Touchscreen and open the Jira App.

2. if you use the implemented User Switch, tap on it and enter your Team-PIN.

Now you can switch between any account of your team instantly and without losing time for sign out and login.
Also view: How to setup User Switch in Jira

3. open the toolbar and set the timer to 15 minutes. It's time to start your Daily Standup!

During the Daily you can see the time left at the upper left corner. 


4. go with your team through each completed issue and have a productive Daily.

Use your Jira in the way you know it from your workplace.

5. there is something coming up to discuss later? Open the short notice feature from the toolbar and make a quick note for later.

This way the Daily can be finished in time and you don't forget important points.
Also view: How to rearrange the Widgets in the toolbar


6. as soon as the 15 minutes are up the timer reminds you with a sound and a visual effect.

Don't overrun it. Your next Daily is only one day ahead!




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