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Unpacking, installing, ready.

Your FlexTouch is designed in such a way that you can install and start running it easily. If you haven‘t worked with a FlexTouch yet or this is your first FlexTouch, begin with reading the instruction to the initial operation in this chapter. 

Important: Read all of the installation instruction and safety information (in the chapter „Basic Tips and Infos“ on page 8) before connecting the FlexTouch to the power supply.
If you are an experienced user, you can probably start working directly. Read the information in the chapter „Working with your FlexTouch“ on page 5 to learn the functions and performance features of your FlexTouch.

Contents of the package

The scope of supply of your FlexTouch includes following components:

Follow the steps below while installing your FlexTouch.

Installing your FlexTouch

Details about the holder

To start up the FlexTouch you have to put it on a rack or a wall holder or lay it flat on a table. The appropriate rack or wall holder for your FlexTouch can be purchased and ordered from Rentouch. Please proceed according to the respectively enclosed instruction when fixing the FlexTouch to the holders.

Important: The FlexTouch must not be used without a fixing and standing on one border to prevent the device from tilting.

Start running the FlexTouch

Step 1: Connect the power cord to the FlexTouch and plug the other end of the cord in a grounded power outlet.

Step 2: Attach one end of a Ethernet cord to the FlexTouch and the other end to a cable modem, a DSL modem or a network for having access to the internet or a network.

Important: The FlexTouch can‘t connect to a W-Lan.

Step 3: Press the on-switch on the right side of the FlexTouch to switch it on. The device is turned off via the power-off button in the operating system.



WARNING: Before transportation turn your FlexTouch off. If you transport your FlexTouch while the hard disk is still turning, the hard disk can be damaged. Through this can occur data loss.

Working with your FlexTouch

Side view of your FlexTouch



Press this button to switch your FlexTouch on. It‘s turned off via the power-off button in the operating system.


A High-Speed-USB 2.0-Access (Universal Serial Bus)

Connect various devices such as keyboard, external USB-modem, webcam and more. USB 1.1-devices can be connected too.



Connect to a fast 10/100/1000BASE-T-Ethernet-network, a DSL- or cable modem. The Ethernet-Access identifies Ethernet-devices automatically and doesn‘t need a Ethernet-Crossover-cable.


Audio Output

Connect here earphones, speaker with external power supply or digital audio equipment. This access supports also the input via other devices such as headsets with a microphone.


Network Access Port

Here the provided power cord is connected.

Is there a problem? Here is the solution.

In case of any question or problems, that occur while working with your FlexTouch, you can find tips for fault elimination that may help you in this case.

In the normal case for most of the problems, that appear while working with your FlexTouch, there is a simple and quick solution. Think about what lead to this problem. Write down the steps you did before the problem occured. That way you can narrow down the cause and get a answer fast. You should make a note of following information:

  • The active applications when the problem occured. Problems, that only appear with a certain application, can indicate that the application isn‘t compatible with the on your FlexTouch installed PBase version or that you have to update the application.


WARNING: If your FlexTouch has to be maintained, please pay attention to the instructions in „More information, service and support“ on page 8. Here you learn about how to contact Rentouch. Your FlexTouch owns none of the components, that can be maintained or installed by the user.

Problems, that impede the further work with your FlexTouch

Your FlexTouch doesn‘t respond to the finger-type contact it

  • Push the On-switch on the right of the FlexTouch for about five seconds to turn the FlexTouch off.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the FlexTouch. Then reconnect the power cord and press the On-switch to turn the FlexTouch on.

Reinstalling of Apps

Maybe it‘s needed to reinstall the Rentouch-applications.

  1.  Check that your FlexTouch is connected with the internet via Ethernet.
  2.  Delete the applications that you would like to reinstall on the PBase Homescreen by a long tap on the icon and choosing in the appearing menu „Delete App“.
  3.  Now go into the ProBazaar to load and install these Apps again.

Important: Rentouch assumes for possible data loss no liability.

Problems with your internet connection

To fix the problem, proceed as follows:

  1.  Assure yourself that the Ethernet-cable is connected correctly to the FlexTouch.
  2.  Pull out the Ethernet-cable, turn the FlexTouch via the buttonin the Switch off.
  3.  Turn the FlexTouch on again an check the internet connection.

If the problem can‘t be fixed, contact your internet provider to whom you want to connect or the external device that you are using for the connection or the server, you want to have access to. You can undertake the instructions in the following chapters.

Cable modem, DSL-modem and LAN-internet connection

Make sure that all modem cables and all plugs are inserted firmly. To this belong the Modem-power cord, the cable of the Modem to the FlexTouch and the cable of the modem to the power outlet. Additionally check the cable and power supplies to all Ethernet-Hubs or -Router.

Turn your DSL- or cable modem off and wait for a few minutes, before you can turn it on again. Some internet provider recommend to pull the modem-power cord out. If your modem owns a Reset-button, you can push this button before or after turning off and then turning on again of the modem.

Important: Instructions to modems are for LAN-users not relevant. LAN-user use Hubs, Switches, Router and other connection units, that aren‘t used by users of cable modems or DSL-modems. So LAN-users should address themselves, if needed, to their network administrator and not to their internet provider.

Network connections

Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected to your FlexTouch and the network. Check the cables and power supplies to your Ethernet-Hubs and -Router.

If two of more computers and/or the FlexTouch use a internet connection together, make sure that your network is configured correctly. You have to know, if your internet provider sets up only one or different IP-addresses (one for every computer/FlexTouch).

If only one IP-address is set up by your provider, the Router has to be able to provide a connection for the shared use. This is called „Network-Address-Translation“ (NAT) or „IP-Masking“ too. You can find instructions to the configuration in the documentation to your Router or inquire of the person, who configured your network.

If you can‘t solve the problem on your own, contact your internet provider or your network administrator.

Updating your Apps

Via the ProBazaar you can download and install the newest software updates and other upgrading of Rentouch.

If the FlexTouch is connected to the internet, check in the ProBazaar, if there are updates for your FlexTouch.

More information, service and support

Your FlexTouch owns none of the components, that can be maintained or installed by the user. If your FlexTouch has to be maintained or repaired, contact Rentouch.

Rentouch Service & Support

The scope of supply of your FlexTouch includes a one-year guarantee for hardware reparation by Rentouch.
If you need further help, you can conclude a support contract with Rentouch, that ensures you a certain contractually settled allocation of hours of support. For more information, please contact Rentouch at

Basic Tips and Infos

Please pay attention to the following guideline for your own safety and for the operating safety of your system, if your want to install or clean the FlexTouch and to work with it as convenient as possible. Keep this safety directive always within reach.


If your FlexTouch is used or stored inappropriate, your right to warranty adjustment probably expires.

Important Safety Information


WARNING: An inobservance of this safety information can cause fire, electric shocks or other injuries or damage.

Appropriate handling Attach the FlexTouch to a solid holder, that allows enough air inlet to the FlexTouch. Never insert objects to the louver. Never lift the chrome-steel-frame on the front and let it then drop back to the device. Thereby magnets can fall off, that damage the device or it can lead to injuries. When you touch it, be careful that you don‘t get hurt by the edges and corners of the FlexTouch.

Water and sources of humidity Don‘t put your FlexTouch near drinks, sinks, tubs, showers and other sources of humidity. Protect the FlexTouch of humidity and climatic influence of any kind.

Hearing damages The use of earphones or headsets with high volume can cause a permanent damage of the hearing. You become accustomed to a higher volume by the time, that then seems normal to you. However, your hearing can be damaged thereby. If you hear repeatedly a „ringing“ in your ears or understand other people only vaguely, stop the use of the earphones or headsets and have your hearing checked. The higher the volume, the faster it can lead to hearing damages. Specialists recommend following steps for the protection of the hearing.

  •  Use the earphones and headsets only short-term with high volume.
  •  Don‘t heighten the voume to drown the ambient noise.
  •  Reduce the volume, if you can‘t understand people, that talk near you.

Use restriction This computer system must not be used at or in connection with the service of nuclear power plant, with aircraft navigation- or communication systems or at the air traffic control. In such cases an error of this computer system can lead to fatal casualties, injuries or serious environmental contamination.

Important: Electrical devices can be dangerous when used incorrect. Therefor, the handling with this or a similar device should always be supervised by an adult. Pay attention, that your children don‘t have access to the components whithin the electrical device and that they don‘t play with the cables.

Never repair your FlexTouch on your own

The FlexTouch owns none of the components, that can be maintained or installed by the user. Never try to change or repair components within the FlexTouch. If your FlexTouch has to be maintained or repaired, contact Rentouch. Further information in „More information, service and support“.


WARNING: If you do any adjustment on the laser unit or use them for other purposes than here described, it can cause injuries through laser beam.

If you install other objects in your FlexTouch, your risk the damage of the device. Damages, that are caused by the installation, aren‘t covered by the one-year guarantee given by the producer for your FlexTouch.


WARNING: Never insert objects to the louver of the cover. It‘s possibly dangerous and can lead to damages of your FlexTouch.


PLEASE NOTE: An inobservance of this instruction can lead to a damage of your FlexTouch or other devices.

Important Information about the handling

 Environmental condition The use of the FlexTouch beyond these areas can affect the performance and can lead to damages of the device:

Working temperatur: 14 °C to 25°C

Stock temperatur: 9 °C to 40°C

Humidity: 5 % to 95 % (noncondensing)

Altitude: ca. 3‘000 meters without pressure adjusting

Switching on your FlexTouch Only switch on your FlexTouch, if all internal and external components are installed respectively connected proper. An operation of the FlexTouch with missing components can be dangerous and can damgage the computer.

Transportation of the FlexTouch Switch the FlexTouch off and disconnect all at it connected cables, before you lift or relocate it. If you transport the FlexTouch with a car, make sure that there are no objects lying on the device or can hit the device during the ride.

Use of plugs and access Never put a plug into an access forcibly. Make sure that the access isn‘t blocked by foreign matter, that the plug fits to the access and that the plug is positioned right to the access, when you connect a device.

Storage of the FlexTouch If you want to store the FlexTouch over a longer period, choose a cooler place (perfect are 22 °C)

Cleaning of the FlexTouch Switch the FlexTouch off and pull the power cord out, before you clean the cover of the FlexTouch. Use a lightly moistened, soft and lint-free fabric for cleaning the cover. Be careful that no wetness can get in the cover. Never spray cleaner directly on the computer. Don‘t use sprays, resolvent or abrasive that could damage the cover.

Information to the ergonomics

Below you can find some tips for the setup of a healthy work environment with the FlexTouch.


When using the FlexTouch intensive and without breaks once in a while can appear mild discomfort in hands, wrists or arms. If you notice chronic pain or discomfort in hands, wrists or arms, contact a doctor.

Stay in healthy distance to the FlexTouch. Usually one uses distances between 45 and 70 cm. Arrange your FlexTouch so that no distracting light reflections of lamps or windows can be seen.

Regulatory Compliance Information

Instructions to the disposal and to the recycling

This symbol points out that your product has to be disposed of corresponding to the applicable legal regulations relating to the environment. Contact Rentouch or your environmental authorities to dispose of the product once it reaches the end of its life cycle correctly.

European Union: Instructions to the disposal

The symbol above points out that this product has to be disposed of corresponding to the applicable legal regulations and apart from the household garbage. Hand this product in to a official collection point for disposal. At some of  the collection points you can hand in products free of charge. The separate collection and recycling preserves the reserves of raw materials and it‘s secured that, when recycling the product, all regulations for the protection of health and environment are maintained.

Instructions to the disposal of  batteries

Dispose of batteries according to the regulations applicable in your country.


Rentouch GmbH

© 2013 Rentouch GmbH All rights reserved.

Claims against Rentouch GmbH according to the in this manual described hard- or softwareproducts act exclusively upon the terms and conditions of the gurarantee. Any further claims are excluded, Rentouch in particular accepts no warranty for the accuracy of the content of this manual.

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