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You will need to include your root node into the path. Example: You have a ADO Project called "SAFe5.0". In that you will create the a path "Online Store". If you want to map to "Online Store", you will need to enter the whole path: "SAFe5.0\Online Store". Keep in mind that ADO uses backslashes "\" to structure the path.



of sticky types to work-item types

  1. Create a new piplanning session
  2. Make sure that you include the teams you have previously mapped to area paths
  3. In step 3, map Work-items type of your choice to the sticky-types:
  4. If we can find numeric fields for that work-item type, we will display the story-points mapping dropdown as well:

Mapping of iterations to iteration paths

  1. Create or edit a piplanning session
  2. Make sure that you have included the teams you have previously mapped to area-paths
  3. In the last step of the piplanning-session configuration you can now map teams to iteration-paths
    1. If you have multiple area-paths for one team, you have to set the iteration-path for each area-path as well

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