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We have a bunch of apps and features which can help you get the most out of any solution based brainstorming. Get an idea how you can do it in this article!

1. start your Touchscreen and set the timer to an appropriate duration.

During the session you can see the time at the upper left corner.

2. start the Brainwrite app and let your team connect their smartphones and laptops to the Touchscreen.

3. grab e.g. the fishbone background.

Define the aim or problem as precise as possible and collect the major causes and gather the sub-causes in collaboration with your team.

You also can use your own methods. For this also view: How to use own backgrounds in Brainwrite


4. take the results into the Whiteboard to add more.

After finishing the fishbone you take a screenshot Whiteboard app by tapping on the Screenshot function in the toolbar.

5. attach the results of the session to a specific Confluence page!

Now you can attach the output of the session directly from the Whiteboard to a Confluence page or Jira issue if you want to.
Also view: How to attach drawings form Whiteboard to a Confluence page



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