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Modify the touchscreen for your needs.

Open settings

Settings overview

Common settings

NameFunction / explanation
Open switch with gestureEnabled will this hide the toolbar button (triangle in the upper right corner). The only way to open the toolbar is by pressing for about 10 seconds with one finger in the left bottom corner.
Developer overlayThis shows an overlay with additional informations (Logs, IP-Adress etc...). Mostly used for debugging purposes.


(Not available on xPBase). Displays a ring underneath every touch.
Quick screenshotIf activated, screenshots will be made fullscreen and automatically opened in the whiteboard App after shooting. You can make a screenshot with the "screenshot" widget in the toolbar.
Keyboard layoutChange the keyboard layout of the onscreen keyboard.
SecretUsed to connect multiple screens (peers) together.
Device-nameName of the device displayed in the sync-menu or videochat.
Time format: 24hEnabled the time is in 24h format. Disabled in 12h (am/pm) format.
AutostartYou can select an App which should get automatically started after booting.
Hide onscreen-keyboardYou can hide the onscreen keyboard completely. (Only a attached USB or bluetooth keyboard will work). This setting needs a reboot to take effect.
Audio-sourceSource of the audio-signal for videochat. If you plugin a webcam it should get automatically selected.


Edit Jira instances


Visit: First set up your Jira instance in the settings


Change Toolbar widgets

Wifi / Wlan

  1. Open the settings menu
  2. Tab on the "wifi" button
  3. Wait ~25sec until the first wifi scan finished
  4. Press on the SSID of you choice to connect


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