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Your Touchscreen can support your team in different ways during your Retrospective. Keep in mind not to forget very important physical and real life gamification while working with the screen. The Touchscreen can be helpful in some of the agenda points.


1. start your Touchscreen and open the Jira app.

2. if you use the implemented User Switch, tap on it and enter your Team-PIN.

Now you can switch between any account of your team instantly and without losing time for sign out and login.
Also view: How to setup User Switch in Jira

3. don't forget to timebox each agenda point. Set the timer for the first part of the session.

During the Daily you can see the time left at the upper left corner. 

4. you can use the Jira retro functionality.

Discuss different charts like Velocity, Burndown or Control. Everything you get out of Jira's reporting features and you are sure it will help your team for their next Sprint or Iteration.

5. gather information and inputs from the team with Brainwrite. Start the Brainwrite app and let your team connect their smartphones and laptops to the Touchscreen.

Also view: How to upload your own backgrounds & methods into Brainwrite

Open Brainwrite.

The Brainwrite app offers you a wide variety of useful backgrounds to use.

Let the team connect their smartphones to the screen.

Gather inputs.

After each session you can save the version to the Whiteboard app by tapping on the Screenshot function in the toolbar.

6. attach the results of the Retro to a Confluence page!

Now you can attach the output directly from the Whiteboard to a Confluence page or Jira issue if you want to.
Also view: How to attach drawings form Whiteboard to a Confluence page


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