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1. Log in to the PI Planning setup tool:

Also view: Prepare upcoming PI Planning (with Jira-sync)


2. Navigate to "ALM Configuration"

3. Connection to Jira 


4. Add webhook to Jira


1. Navigate to system in Jira

2. Than to the tab WebHooks

3. Now press "+ Create a WebHook"

4. Set a name (of your choice) and insert the URL shown in your ALM settings on

5. Activate the checkboxes as shown below

6. The same for Sprint and Board


Now your Jira is set and ready to sync with the piplanning app in both directions.

5. Team Mapping: Map teams to Jira projects and boards

6. Be aware of the following conditions

Team Board:

  • The issue-type "Subtask" can not be properly synchronized as it needs to have a parent issue which can not be set in the piplanning app.

Team and Program Board:

  • Jira will not trigger a webhook when you change an issue-type in Jira. So if you want that an issue-type change gets recognized in Jira, you have to change another field of the issue of which you have changed its issue-type.


7. What happens when I drag a Jira synced sticky to a not synced area on the board?

Watch the video:


8. How to configure Multiple Jira Project Support

Watch the video:


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