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Rally project

Choose the Rally project from which you want to synchronize your Program Level work items.

Rally issue type

You can sync one Rally Portfolio Item Type with the piplanning app. It will allow you only to sync the Portfolio Item Type which is the lowest in hierarchy. 

In this example above (screenshot) it will allow you only to sync the type "Feature". The reason for this: Parents of team-level work-item types (user stories) can only have the lowest of the portfolio workitem types as a parent.


To prevent to have all workitems of a certain type on the program-backlog board, you can set a tag to specify which items you want to have on your piplanning backlog board. You can select one more tags. They will be combined as AND.

WSJF or Preliminary Estimate (Step estimate)

You can sync either the WSJF value or the a value from a Rally select-list (dropdown) to the field on the bottom right of the backlog sticky note.

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