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Q: Permissions: When I map a project and board to a team, I get the error "Give your Jira user the permission to "Create sprint" in this project". How can I fix that?
A: Make sure that the user you have used to connect the app to Jira (if you have used oAuth, the one which authenticated against Jira) has the "Create sprint" permission in that project. Keep in mind that you can be a admin of a Jira project and at the same time do not have the permission to create a sprint in that project. Also make sure that you selected a Scrum and not Kanban board.

Q: Missing Project: I can not find my project in the list of Jira projects.
A: Please make sure that the user you have setup the Jira connection has the permissions in Jira to read / list that project. Keep in mind that we only list 'classic' Jira projects (we do not support next-gen).

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