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Requirements to get the piplanning app connected to your Jira

  • Jira Cloud, Server or Data-center
  • The REST-API must be accessible (via basic-auth or OAuth)
  • In the Project you wan to have synced you will need at least the following permissions:
  • Our server needs to be reachable on Port 443 by your Jira (webhook)

What the app will pull from your Jira:

  • Issue-types, link-types
  • Projects and board meta data
  • Issues of the projects you configured

What the app will push to your Jira:

  • Create, alter or delete issues in the projects you configured
  • Create or remove links in the projects you configured
  • Create new sprints (if you request that from the app)

How you can further limit the access of the piplaning app to your jira:

  • Give the user with which you setup the connection to Jira only the privileges he needs.
  • If you do not want that the app can delete anything in Jira, you can remove that permission on the user
  • Set a JQL filter in the webhook: This will then only post updates from Jira to the piplanning app matching that filter.

The information we will store on our server which is coming from your Jira


  • Project, Sprint and Board id's
  • Issue-types
  • Fields-types
  • Links between issues
  • Issue-key of issues synced to the app


  • Of issues synced to the app (are visible in the app):
    • Summary
    • Story-points value
    • Chosen numeric field (WSJF) value
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