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Setup a new connection to Jira

You can connect to Jira either by using OAuth (default) or basic-auth. Keep in mind that basic-auth is not supported on jira-cloud.

For both Basic Auth and OAuth connection there are more options which you can access when clicking on the checkbox "Advanced Settings". Check Connection advanced settings for more information.

Basic Auth

  1. Click on "Switch to Basic Auth" on the top right

  2. Fill in the username and password of a Jira-user. Keep in mind that this user will be used to create sprints, issues etc in Jira from the piplanning app. So make sure that this user has the appropriate permissions.


  1. Fill out the basic connection details. To start the OAuth-dance click "Connect to Jira"

    Connection nameName for the connection. That is just for the user to give a friendly name.
    Instance URL

    Url to your Jira. Use http or https as schema.

  2. In the OAuth popup, follow the steps mentioned in the video or use instructions from step-by-step guide Setup OAuth for authentication with Jira.

    The user with which you are logged in to Jira while setting up the OAuth connection will be used to to do all the sync-work between Jira and the piplanning-app. Make sure that this user has appropriate permissions.

    Hint: The keys used in the OAuth connection are the same overall Jira connections created by the same piplanning-app company. Those keys are generated at first usage.

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