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This page explains how you start into a successful test drive. You've got a mail with basic instructions and login credentials. 

You haven't got a message from us and want to test the piplanning app full version too, don't hesitate to reaching out to us so we can prepare everything for you:


Download the latest full version here for your system and install it:

1. Create the teams

Log in to to create and name the teams you want to have involved in the testing session

Use the credentials you received from us.

Navigate to the tab "Teams" and click "Add" to create your teams

2. Assign licenses to teams


3. Create the planning session

Now you need to create a Planning Session. Click the tab Planning-Sessions and create the sessions as follows:


 1. Click Add


2. Fill out the setup form.



Press "Create session"

4. Start your testing phase

The test phase can start now. Each team can log in to the app and do the whole PI Planning test session.

1. Start the app and log in

2. Select your prepared session

3. Select your team board.

Each team can visit any team board and modify it (like in real life). 

4. Start working

5. Switch to program board to visualise a dependency by clicking the menu at the right side

For more information about the use of the app itself read our other pages "Team Board: Planning" and "Program Board: Resolve Dependencies"

Feel free to try and play around!



If you face any challenges reach out to us:












piplanning app




Get the trial version for your iPad. (not full version)


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