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To prepare a PI Planning only takes 5 - 10 minutes. After identifying the PI Planning dates, the iteration cadence, and the PI cadence the organizer opens the browser and goes to (We recommend to use Chrome for these actions)



Table of Contents


Before you can start with that you need to configure an ALM tool: ALM Configuration

1. Create the teams


Create new team by pressing the button "Create new team"

Define the details of the team you create

Assign licenses to the teams

You can at any time redistribute the licenses. To do so follow the steps below:

2. Create a session for your upcoming PI Planning

Navigate to "SAFe® PI Plannings"


3. General



4. Teams


5. Team Boards

titleBe aware

If you configure the same Jira issue types for multiple piplanning app sticky types the color can't be differentiated anymore by the tool.



What happens when I drag a Jira synced sticky to a not synced area on the board?

Watch the video:



6. Risk Board

7. Program Board

8. Program Backlog Board


9. Iterations

10. You are all set!