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At the current time you can only import data to the backlog board. Your data has to be CSV UTF-8 formatted in the following table style:



FeatureThis is a text for a certain FeatureRT-1001
backlogEnablerThis is a text for a certain EnablerRT-1012.6
backlogEnablerThis is a text for a certain Enabler-2RT-1023

Download a template here: template.csv

Columns explained

  • board-type: Has to be backlog if you want to import it to the backlog-board
  • sticky-type: Has to be one of the names you gave a sticky-type of the backlog board (in
  • text: Text which is displayed on the sticky-note
  • alm-issue-id: (can be empty, but column has to exist); If an existing sticky-note on the board already has the same alm-issue-id, it will update the other properties of this sticky (instead of creating a new one)
  • WSJF: WSJF-value displayed on the sticky-note
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